Saturday, August 12, 2006


Bago ang lahat eh nais ko sanang magbigay ng isang live update!

Sa mga oras na itekla eh nasa Subic akembang. Halos dalawang linggo na ang beauty ko ditey. Dahil nga may magaganap na GAY PRIDE ditey sa AUGUST 18! Kaya super-invite akez sa mga kachokara na join lang ng join at go lang ng go!

Nagsimula ang lahat nang nahire ang company ko to do a fashion show in Subic last June. Nabetan nila ang eksena namin and asked me to do another event in Subic. This time in a much larger scale, syempre eh for more tourism ecklavu ang labanan.

So . . . I came up with an idea.

The first time I met with the higher officials ng Subic Bay, with a hangover, and armed only with one specimen poster . . . . ang naging unang bungad ko for that meeting eh, "Is it okay to be GAY in SUBIC BAY?" Naloka ang mga officials, who were the typical daddy-yo beaurocrats. Wa ispluk ang mga lolo ko for a moment.

Hanggang sa may isang nag-ask kung why am I asking that question . . .

"Coz if its yes," sabay labas ng poster, "I'm giving you the biggest event this place would experience. I give you SUBIC BAY PRIDE."

And it all rolled down the hill.

Bet nila ang concept. Even though that it is not summer but still . . . . the target market would be . . . who else . . . kung hindi mga kapatid sa pananampalataya.

In fairness, ngayon ko lang narealize na in my years of experience working in productions and events eh I never really did a GAY EVENT. The closest siguro is my college production of "Hanggang Dito na Lamang Po at Maraming Salamat."

Aside from doing Third Sex in the City na kung minsan eh witchelles ko na rin naman napapanindigan dahil sa sobrang kangaragan eh I thought of something that can mix business with pleasure. This is my way of contributing to the community.

The plan is to have a pride parade in the afternoon of the 18th. And a total kick-straight-ass party in the evening. We have tapped some of the best impersonators and gay singers to bring to life our lifelong dreams of becoming Madonna or Cher even for one night. Merong ding fashion show na magaganap. Oh well, di basta-basta fashion show itu kundi STRIP FASHION SHOW featuring the industry’s top ramp models donned in sizzling clothes from CHILI. Well at first, my idea is TOPS&BOTTOMS, but since tinarayan kami eh deadma na sa pagkajoin. Im still waiting if Government would agree to send some of their powerful Gogo Boys to grace the event. ICON agreed to participate in the event. Siyempre haves din ng DJs for the hardcore clubbing part and since the theme of the event is Rainbow Carnivale, of course magkakaroon ng Star of the Night.

Tapos hayon na nga. We targeted major corporate sponsors and some non-government organizations that would catch the attention of Manila Gays and actually drag them to Subic. That was one of our major problems. Local marketing was easy, the dilemma was inviting the right more people from outside Subic.

Then halfway through the preparations we received a call from Danton Remoto, whose heading "ANG LADLAD" (that might actually run for patylist representation this coming elections) and expressed his interest in participating in the said event and actually lead the Pride Parade.

As of the moment eh confirmed na ang ANG LADLAD to be present for the event. Im expecting a positive answer din from UP BABAYLAN.

Mostly, I dont write specific things about my work. But since, purong kabaklaan itekcla at ang event na ito eh sobrang malapit sa puso . . . IM WRITING THIS TO ASK FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

Im extending my invitation to all the utawsingbelles na super-read ng Third Sex in the City, bakla man . . .tomboy man . . . misis o mister man . . . . virgin o hindi. I hope that you could come and participate in this event (or at least help in spreading the news! I believe that the most effective form of publicity is word of mouth, but of course, it’s the best when it is the word of gay)

I guarantee that you’ll enjoy this. This would be the first biggest gay pride celebration held outside Manila. We have convinced all the hotels and restos in Subic to DROP their rates from 20 to 50 percent and they agreed.

Now, if there are still active organizations out there who might be willing to participate . . . I can offer a free transpo and hotel accommodations for 3 nights and 2 days.

If we can do a successful PRIDE in SUBIC then, the rest will follow! Patunayan natin sa buong bansa na powerful talaga ang mga badinggerzie!




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